Back My Art

Helping artists make a living

What is BackMyArt?


BackMyArt is an artist-funding platform, which allows you (the artist) to raise recurring monthly support from your hardcore fans, while preserving a close, intimate relationship with distinct passionate fan communities.

What is BackMyArt all about?


Soul base funding: Monthly donations will be purely for helping you focus on your art, instead of purchasing merchandise in a rewards-based or project-based platform.

A stable income:  Fans donate monthly amount of their choice in exchange for exclusive content
such as insights, pre-released materials, recommendations & behind-the-scenes content.

BackMyArt is dedicated to enhance the bond between you and your passionate fans.

Why BackMyArt?


We handle the marketing for you: We handle the strategy and implement the tactics to meet your objectives – so you can focus on your art!

We connect you with big art donors: Our passionate fundraisers help you acquire long term quality monthly donors.

We guide you:  post and content idea’s tailor made for you.

All in one social: Manage all your social pages from one place, automatically schedule posts like a pro.

Being a part of a distinct “soul-based” community will grant fans a sense of prestige, driving them to become strong ambassadors of your art.

The platform


Easy-to-use and adaptable, allowing you to easily manage marketing and funding initiatives with just a few clicks. With a simple onboarding process and powerful, distinct tools for social media platforms, you’re able to promote your art with the highest level of ease and confidence.

What is required from artists on BackMyArt?

Keep your fans in the loop: Provide insights on your art, sneak peek to your latest work, behind the scene etc’

Recommend 5 artist: Share with your fans 5 artist that inspire you (touched your heart).