temecula-pilatesWHAT is Pilates?

Training from the “Inside Out”

In a nutshell, the science behind pilates is as follows: No matter what activity it is from sitting to running fast or anything in between, a healthy functional  body starts with a stable spine, pelvis, and shoulder girdle, supported by a strong core (muscles of our trunk and pelvis). With a strong core  the body is stable, and then outer movement can happen fluidly, efficiently and easily with less injuries and “happy” joints. Hence the term “from the inside out”!

Unfortunately, most fitness programs first emphasize the development of the superficial muscles. This often leads to postural imbalances and back, neck, shoulder, hip and knee pain.

photo-2Learning to engage the “stabilizer” muscles of the core while using the entire body in specific exercises takes deep focus and concentration. That’s why, when compared to more traditional exercise approaches, pilates feels “deeper” in both a muscular sense and a mental-focus sense.  The end result of this mind/body exercise; you leave each session feeling strong, flexible and energetic with a clear mind and an elevated spirit!

Sound serious? It is…but at CenterFocus pilates the element of FUN is a staple in every session or class 🙂

Stability +  Flexibility + Strength = a balanced training effect for an optimally aligned you!

Pilates is a great balance of all three of these important health components. With countless variations, based on your individual needs, you will never get bored. The key to this method is quality rather than quantity, so form and precision will not be compromised. With your body’s newfound stability you will achieve greater muscle control, better balance and ease of movement. Muscles are neither over-trained nor under-trained, and the results are gratifying!


Studio/ Equipment

At the CenterFocus pilates Studio, exercises are performed on a mat as well as a variety of Balanced Body traditional pilates apparatus (equipment) known as the reformer, the trapezius table, the wunda chair, high barrel, small barrel, as well as some contemporary small equipment and therapy tools. Home programs can be created for individuals with or without equipment.


WHY Pilates?

• Have you tried other fitness modalities and “failed”?

• Do you suffer from “tech” neck, or any spinal stiffness related to sitting in bad posture for long periods of time?

• Do you have muscle tension or stiffness in your body that won’t go away?

• Do you sometimes feel uncoordinated or “klutzy”?

• Does your normal posture make you look: heavier than you are, older than you are or less confident than you are?

• Do you feel like the more birthdays you have under your belt the larger your belt needs to be?

• Would you like to move with more ease in your daily life, or for specific sports and recreational activities?

• Would you like to have a combination of strength, flexibility and better balance? And feel lighter on your feet?

• Would you like to look and feel better, and have more energy throughout the day?

• Would you like to try a new activity (dancing, snowboarding, skiing, golf, surfing, etc) but feel your body doesn’t have the strength, flexibility, coordination, etc) to be able to do it?

If you have answered “yes” to any of these questions, then pilates is for you.

Why CenterFocus pilates?

Learn this method from a teacher with the education, experience and knowledge to help you become the best version of you. Integrity of the work, a passion to teach, and making your experience FUN are standards at CenterFocus pilates.                                                         

 This is your Journey…you should enjoy it!

WHO was Joseph Pilates?

Joseph Pilates was born in 1883 in Germany. He was a weak, sickly child with asthma. He studied many forms of exercise to overcome his weaknesses and became an avid athlete. Like the renaissance artists, he was ahead of his time when he designed his own exercise method he later called “contrology” and what is today known as pilates.

In England during World War I, Joe taught his method to others including bedridden patients by rigging up springs to hospital beds for resistance training. This was the beginning of what was one of his equipment creations, and most apparatus he went on to design is still widely used in pilates studios today.

In 1926 he emigrated to the United States. He met his wife Clara and they brought his method of exercise to New York City, opening their fitness studio. He also came with the philosophy that optimal health is achieved by addressing the body, mind, and spirit – what has become almost a mainstream concept today. Joe taught his method until his death in 1967 at the age of 87; his wife Clara continued to teach after Joe’s death.

What is now known as pilates has proven itself not only to be a trendy exercise routine, but one with proven success for 90+ years. Now, many years later, the value of Joseph Pilates’ work has gained world-wide recognition and popularity.

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