Getting Started: Introductory Package (3 private sessions)

Your first session (90 minutes) begins with an evaluation and goal assessment followed by an introduction to the fundamental techniques necessary to initiate the mind/body learning process. Your next two (60 minute) one-on-one sessions are taught at a pace and level necessary for your individual learning style and physical condition.

After your introductory sessions, you may be ready to step into group classes or semi-private lessons, or if you prefer… to continue with private lessons. If your time or budget does not allow for sessions or classes long term, a home program is a great option.  We can discuss an individual plan aligned with your goals and within the parameters of your physical condition, budget and schedule.

Private Session

One-hour sessions taught one-on-one, tailored to your specific needs, goals, and level of progression. A variety of apparatus are used for the wide range of exercises to choose from.

Semi-private Session (2 participants partnering up)

Similar to private sessions but two clients are working at the same time with one teacher. Separate workouts may be taught to each individual -as you are sharing the teachers time with your workout partner.

Private and semi-private sessions are by appointment only.

Home Program

If you can’t budget the time and/or financial commitment of regularly attending sessions or group classes, this is the perfect plan for you: After the introductory package is completed your teacher will determine a short period of additional private sessions needed to devise a home program, where you will have your own personal plan including video instruction tailored to you. Periodic  follow up sessions are recommended to keep you on track with your program and to make changes when needed as you progress.

Group Reformer Class

(75 minutes). Maximum 5 participants taught in truly a group class format but with the added benefit of our philosophy in personal attention.  Some mat work may be incorporated with the majority of the class utilizing the reformer*, the highly effective, fun and most widely used pilates apparatus. Pre-requisite to join group classes is the introductory package to ensure your individual needs are met.

*Our Balanced Body studio reformers and all other studio apparatus are state of the art professional pilates equipment.

Group Pilates Mat Class

This fun and challenging format is a fusion of pilates mat work and stretching and in the case of more intermediate to advanced groups some H.I.T. Intervals inserted into class. You will enjoy the energy brought in a group setting.

Schedule subject to change, click here to view this week’s group classes.

H.I.T. Cardio Training

The ROM (stands for range of motion) is yet another highly effective perk available at at CenterFocus pilates…for minimal time and money!

This H.I.T. (High Intensity Training) ROM uses more muscles through a wider range of motion than traditional cardio exercise, which results in higher oxygen consumption; hence… its comparison to high/moderate intensity interval training. The higher the oxygen consumption during a workout, the shorter it needs to be and the greater the cardio benefit. Not a typo…4 minutes!

Laboratory research studies conducted in the United States, Canada and Japan conclude that the same results are achieved from 4 minutes on the ROM Machine as approximately 30-40 minutes of aerobic exercise for cardio conditioning and 45 minutes of weight training for muscle tone and strength.

Learn more about the ROM at

Optimal Eating

Wellness coaching to set you on the path to eating for Optimal Health. A three phase plan starting with an analysis of your daily food take, weight and measurements, goals and action plan based on your current lifestyle… then periodic follow-up coaching/reassessment.

OPTIMAL EATING program What this entails:

• Initial analysis of your daily food intake through a food diary

• A one hour in–person consultation to get you started in your phase I of making healthy changes. This includes recording your weight and measurements, counseling on eliminating foods that are not serving your health, and more importantly adding foods that will help you move towards optimal health

• Written Plan – A follow up email after this appointment recapping the plan that  you can realistically adhere to for your phase I changes

Then choose any or all:

• Pantry and fridge check (I come to your home)

• Shopping trip to your grocery store, where we find new healthier choices

• Follow-up coaching** 15 minute phone calls weekly, or less frequently if you choose, to help you keep on track and monitor when you are ready to go into the next phase of lifestyle changes

• Follow up in-person** consultation with re-assessments (45min) **coaching thru phase II- more changes, then phase III- maintenance

• Recipe Makeover Have your old favorite recipes modified to fit your new eating plan

This is not a DIET!!! It is a permanent lifestyle change. After evaluating your current habits, it is a plan to start the process of making healthy changes towards eating for optimal health. This is not a cookie-cutter, one size fits all plan; individuals have different constitutions, lifestyles, routines. We need to start where you as the individual are, and go from there –the start of phase I. Please note: if you already have a diagnosis of a disease, especially a metabolic condition, you instead need a medically supervised diet plan. Making the changes towards Optimal Eating can help you in significantly lowering your disease risk! Research now indicates that even if we have a genetic marker for a certain disease, we can actually “turn that gene down” by our lifestyle habits, hence changing our genetic expression! This is exciting to know how much more control we have in our destiny!!! If this sounds like a good idea to you (and why wouldn’t it be?), schedule your OPTIMAL EATING consultation today!

“You can’t exercise away a bad diet” ~ Dr. Mark Hyman