IMG_3056“Pilates has been the best thing for my physical and mental well being. It has made an amazing difference in how I feel. The stretching and breathing exercises have greatly improved my stamina, flexibility and general feeling of wellness. My life is so much better with pilates!” ~Leo W

“I have been a student of Karen Farina for 10 plus years. Pilates is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. It is not only good for your body but it is also good for your overall well being. I hope that I never have to stop.”~Pam D


IMG_3032“I have been taking Pilates for five years, the last three have been with Karen at CenterFocus. She is so good at working with special physical problems, like my sore and stiff joints. Pilates has done wonders for my balance and core strength not to mention my posture. I recommend CenterFocus to everyone and especially recommend Karen who is so knowledgeable about pilates and physical fitness in general.” ~Melanie H


“Karen Farina is the best pilates instructor; she is so patient and really willing to help in areas that have been injured in an accident. She addresses the entire body, especially the areas that need special help and attention. That’s why she is a great trainer in my book!” ~Regina S

IMG_0937“Several years ago, I suffered an injury while training for a half marathon. Weeks of physical therapy and rest from running did not help. That injury continued to pop up every time I tried to get back into running. This is what was going on with me when I first met Karen.

Let me digress. Karen’s classes are great fun! She infuses each class with her wonderful sense of play, putting all of us at ease. Yet, her classes are grounded in a passion and an expertise in Pilates and Physical Science, and in her commitment to help her students in a way that carries over into their everyday lives. Nothing gets her fired up as much as witnessing one of us make a breakthrough.

So when I happened to mention this chronic injury to Karen after class one day, she jumped at the opportunity to work with me to get to the bottom of this injury. What happened at our next meeting literally blew me away. She was able to pinpoint the cause of the injury and correct the problem that very afternoon. Since then, I have been able to run pain free. I am blown away!

I continue to be inspired by Karen’s enthusiasm and her playful spirit. What really gets my attention, though, is her knowledge informed by years of ongoing study and athletic accomplishments, and her insatiable curiosity of the workings of the body. The principles she teaches keep my body safe in everyday activity, and deepen my practice in other disciplines. I am profoundly grateful!”~Gail M


Pam“I began my Pilates training with Karen Farina at CenterFocus Fitness over 10 years ago after I moved to the Temecula Valley area from Huntington Beach. I have always exercised, and while living in Orange County belonged to a gym where I did aerobics, weight training and also attended a yoga studio. I thought Pilates was very much like Yoga since both disciplines focus on breathing. What I found was that they were quite different, yet the differences were hard to describe. Pilates equipment uses heavy duty springs that require more effort than using only your body’s resistance. With Pilates, strength training took on a different form. I feel I am gaining strength and lengthening muscles as opposed to shortening them as in weight training. As an avid equestrian, having more strength in my back and abdominal muscles (or core), gives me a better sense of balance in the saddle and more confidence while riding. I also think it gives me better posture in general than I would have without Pilates. As I get older I feel that maintaining flexibility is one of the best things I can do for my physical well being.”—Pam M

“I have taken pilates with Karen for over 10 years. I drove an hour or more each time and I can’t even begin to say how beneficial it was for me, especially with Karen as a trainer. The strength, flexibility and challenge from Pilates is unmatched by any other workout and it is so much fun compared to other forms of exercise. Never boring! Karen keeps up with latest techniques and it is sooo worth the fee you pay.”~Barb F(71 years young!)

“I was lucky enough to work with Karen before, during and after three pregnancies. She is amazing and she truly transformed my body. Every workout is unique, fun and challenging. I enjoy hours on all the wonderful equipment she has (I don’t know technical names….except Reformer). Until I met her and began doing pilates, I had not found a workout that even came close to an hour session with her. Pilates changed the way I look and also the way I carry myself, my awareness of my body and my overall mood and outlook of life.”~Suzy J

“I have been a client of Karen’s for the past three years. I came to Karen with some physical issues I had been dealing with for several years and hoped for even minimal improvements when I had tried everything medically that I could find, including steroid injections. As of today the improvements are unbelievable. I have received no more injections and she has helped my mind, body and soul. Along with the benefits of being physically fit! Karen is an awesome person and instructor and I look forward to the many years ahead with her!” ~Kim C

“I’m a mother of two young boys. I started pilates with Karen six weeks after the birth of my first son and continued through the pregnancy of my second. It was amazing to see how fast my stomach went down after both boys. But what is more amazing is that while pregnant with my first son I had the dark line down the center of my stomach caused by muscle separation. After and during my second pregnancy I had no dark line. My stomach muscles stayed so strong that those muscles did not separate. Additionally, I have been a hair stylist for 10 years, five of those ten years with lower back pain. I have been doing pilates for five years now and believe that by having a stronger core my back no longer hurts.” ~Katie H

“I have been with CenterFocus Fitness since early 2009. If you want lean, sexy muscles instead of bulky muscles, pilates is the way to go! Karen Farina is very experienced; she tailors the workout to my body’s needs. I feel that everybody can benefit by fitting pilates into their life.” ~Thuy D

“I am a 77 year old lady who has been taking pilates for 11 plus years and it has kept me young and flexible. I am able to stand erect and keep my head high. People think I am joking when I tell them my age, but it is the truth. I am able to walk fast and get my daily work all done without help. I hope to go to CenterFocus the rest of my life.” ~Terri F

“I have been doing pilates for eight years with…I think one of the best Pilates instructors around! I feel blessed that Karen Farina happens to live in the city that I live in to learn from her. As an instructor she has changed my body and my life. Karen cares about her clients and their success. I have referred many of my friends and each one comes away with a better feeling about themselves and their abilities. If you have the opportunity, I strongly recommend learning from Karen at CenterFocus Fitness…your mind and body will truly thank you for it.” ~Cheri L

“Karen knows her stuff and she really motivates me! I cannot tell you how many times I have walked into her studio with no energy, and after an hour I am leaving my session ready to tackle the day. Karen loves pilates and cares about her clients. She wants us to get the maximum results from pilates and her class. Karen is the real deal. I have been going to CenterFocus pilates for over four years and I have no intention of ever stopping.” ~Giovanna I

“I love taking Karen’s pilates class on Monday morning. I am always amazed by how deeply she knows the human physiology and by how she can come up with so many new and interesting ways to exercise every muscle group in our body. Karen kicks our butts but makes it so much fun, with a healthy dose of infectious enthusiasm, amazing creativity, and lots of humor!” ~David K